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Homebrew Brighton is Brighton’s brewclub. We’re a community of homebrewers. Come along if you’re interested in learning how to start or improve your brewing, tasting and sharing great beers, and having a great time. All the time.


Where to buy good beer in Brighton – Map Included

Google Maps link If you want to buy good beer in Brighton, there’s no shortage of places. In fact,

Wine / Beer Blending Notes

So the next step on from brewing and secondary fermenting the Kiwi saison was to blend it with some Sauvignon Blanc wine from Marlborough, New Zealand. My friend Simon worked for a winery in NZ and amazingly managed to blag us some wine for the purposes of these trials. Thanks very much to the good folks

How Tos

Kiwi Saison Recipe

Inspired by Mike Tonsemire’s NZ saison and sauvignon blanc post, I brewed a similar style saison a while back


Gose Beer Sour Kettle Method

So this was my second attempt at a sour beer. The first I did in a Burco with


Elderflower – Sambucus nigra

Anybody put off by the word ‘foraging’ and all the dangers should relax a little. Elder is one of the easiest plants to identify and a walk around the block of most cities should turn up a few plants, identifiable by their sprays of white flower bunches.


Best Beer Homebrew Books

I love books. I love collecting them. I love the door they open up to a new world


Get started with all grain beer brewing for under £30

This is a guide to making a beer with the minimum amount of gear possible. A lot of

How Tos