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Local Shops

Easybrew Brighton – 27 Oxford Street.

I’m not quite sure this place merits first position here but they do have homebrew supplies and they are in Brighton and as such are the only place round here that does. The shop itself has been closed and boarded up for years, but next door in the bike shop they have a small, dusty display of a very limited selection of products. I’ve had limited experience with them but there are some quite terrible reviews on Google which have put me off this rather sad, strange place. Brewday emergencies only.

Johnsons – 2 Gratwicke Rd, Worthing.

Johnsons is a friendly homebrew store Westwards from Brighton. The people who run the store are friendly and a million miles away in customer service from the Brighton LHBS. The selection is much bigger but still fairly limited. Prices are a little higher than online stores. A little archaic, relic of a previous Boots kit era. Hops weren’t refrigerated when I went in there. No fresh yeast I recall either.

Wilko – 1-8 Guildbourne Centre, Worthing

If you’ve been into one Wilko, you know the score. Young’s kits, Wherry, basic supplies. Cheapest of the local lot if you want what limited products they have on offer and don’t mind bypassing the proper Worthing LHBS to save a few quid.

Homebrewers Heaven, Newhaven.


Don’t know much about these folks just found them recently in a Google search. Fairly limited (close to Wilko) in terms of selection on the website at least. May be worth a phone call to see if they have something more available in the shop.

Recommended Online Stores

Maltmiller – Good for grains, some speciality kit there and alternative yeasts. Good value.

BrewUK – Very wide range of products. Grains a small amount pricier than MM. HBB club discount. Please ask Greg and say you’re from Homebrew Brighton.

The Homebrew Company – Irish store. Got some crazy cheap cornies from here and it looks like other stuff is quite reasonable as well. VAT free and cheap postage to the UK.


More in the water section.

Recommended sources of brewing water in Brighton:

Tesco – Ashbeck – 5l: £1

Taj – 5l: £1

Fishey Business –  Boundary Road, Portslade – Reverse osmosis water – 5l: £0.60, 10l: £1.20, 25l £3


CO2 cylinders:

GP Barnes – Shoreham. No deposit (at time of writing in October ’15). No delivery.

Adams Gas was also recommended but there’s a deposit.

Tinkers at Seven Dials in Brighton also sells CO2.




Plumbing and Electrical Supplies