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I’d encourage any homebrew to enter competitions. If your sense of competition isn’t enough to make you enter, feedback is very useful and you can often go along and taste a great selection of other beers for inspiration and mild inebriation.

Please have a look at the BJCP schedule for an overview of the big global comps.

Scottish Craft Brewers Competition in 24 January 2016. This is a limited styles competition.

London and South East Craft Brewing Competition is held on April 30th 2016.  have a national homebrew comp in April. Also on FB. Turn up, hang out, drink beer. BJCP judges.

The Homebrew Festival is held on June 10-12 at Market Bosworth Rugby Club.

Unnamed Brighton Competition – HBB will be running a USA styles comp on 2nd July 2016. Watch this space for dates.

The National Homebrew Competition is held in September. Not really worth attending.

Sourfest is held in Ireland on September 26, 2016. See also on Twitter.

Bexley Homebrew Festival is held in Kent on September 26 2016

Black Friday was held in November 2015. LAB organised. Watch the LSECBC FB page for 2016 event dates.