Seasonal Ingredients

I’m partial to a bit of foraging and love using seasonal ingredients in beers, so please keep an eye on this for information about things you can find for brewing around the seasons.

Elderflower – Sambucus nigra

DescriptionShrub/small tree. Up to about 3m high. Umbrella shaped flower sprays. Purple/black berries.
UsesFlowers in cordials, champagne, beer aroma, desserts. Berries as any other berry - wines, addition to dark beers.
HabitatHedgerow, roadsides.
SeasonFlowers Late May-early July. Berries August/September.
DistributionAll over UK except northern Scotland.

Anybody put off by the word ‘foraging’ and all the dangers should relax a little. Elder is one of the easiest plants to identify and a walk¬†around the block of most cities should turn up a few plants, identifiable by their sprays of white flower bunches.